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L.A. Anarchist Bookfair: Actions + Conversations + Intersections 2010

L.A. Anarchist Bookfair: Actions + Conversations + Intersections 2010
Sunday January 24th : : Barnsdall Art Park 4800 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair



4 Comments to “L.A. Anarchist Bookfair: Actions + Conversations + Intersections 2010”

  1. Mona McCowen says:

    Please publish additional information about the bookfair such as: time, availability/cost of parking, child-friendly/childcare availability, workshop schedules, etc.

  2. Guy Debord says:

    Thanks for bringing these items to note.

    the bookfair is going to be child friendly and childcare will be provide. For more information
    check out.

    Parking is free but public transit is encourage as there is limited parking on the park grounds.

    for more info: check out the following links
    about the location


  3. Ivy says:

    This year’s anarchist bookfair was definitely a success. Well over 50 people attended. Food Not Bombs (Long Beach area) was there, Earth First!, and many others. People arrived in various ways, bicycles, cars, locally walking, as for myself, I took the subway. Be sure to attend next year.

  4. christal estrella says:

    things like these need to happen way more often.

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