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We will ask nothing. We will demand nothing. We will take, occupy.
June 26th L.A. Anarchist Bookfair SkillShare

june 26 Acratas L A Anarchist workshop

Branching out from the DIY tradition of skill-sharing, this is an autonomous self-organized free school providing access to education free for all.

On June 26, 2011 the Centro Cultural Papalut along with the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Anarchist Book Fair will host a space of free knowledge exchange and skill-sharing with hands-on workshops and classes throughout the day.

Centro Cultural Papalut 3201 Maple Ave. L.A. 90055 C.A.

Some of the classes confirmed:

-Joanna Aguirre

Council (The practice of empathic listening, spontaneous sharing, collective healing  and practicing staying in the here and now). Council (aka talking circle) welcomes all adults, genders and sexualities to share their life experiences and process them in a safe space using the Council method. Council pulls from indigenous methods of communication and Zen principles focusing on understanding and staying present.

-Pocho Research Society:  Lock Picking

– Rosa Romero & Jess Gudiel: Urban Gardening/farming

– Bike Tune-ups

– Juicing

– R.A.C.: Mutual Aid organizing

– Guerilla Theater

3rd Annual L.A. Anarchist Book Fair Skill Share Contact:


june 26 Acratas L A Anarchist


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